Dun Deal SouthSide HillBilly Dually Buildup Part 1

Dun Deal Parts, Big Time Threads, Autocore, & Imaginary Trout proudly present a blog of our experimental Dun Deal SSHB Chevy 3500 HD Dually prototype. The owner & chief design architect/engineer, Adam Kroll, principal of Big Time Threads, along with Dun Deal’s Bobby James (now RBJ Designs) have broken down the tech into segments. Each segment of the buildup will be featured exclusively online at this site, dundealparts.com. In fact feel free to view the buildup beginning here.
Look for full featured articles with in upcoming custom car culture magazines around the world. Also, if you are lucky enough to be at one of the dozen or more shows we’ll showcase this bagged chbycvy.
Severed Ties representing!

Bag and label parts n bolts

Remove rear wheels and put on new wheels for measurements

Measure to see how narrow rear end will need to be to clear fenders and future new frame section

Check body mounts to see how far to move them down for the body drop

Measure how far body and frame has to go down

Pull rear end and remove brakes and e brake. Un-clip e brake from main e brake cable

Remove rear bumper

Remove all leaf springs, brake, and exhaust

Un-clip brake cables

Un-bolt exhaust and prep to remove the muffler

Un-bolt torsion bars and removes

Make sure and hold torsion key so the torsion bar does not shoot out when let free

Remove steering from lower control arm to prep front suspension and see how much travel we need above and beyond stock travel

Remove torsion bar cross member and torsion bars

Remove bump stops that restrict lower control arm movement

Remove e-brake cables and extra stuff

Place a jack and block under lower control arm to raise into new position

Cut stock rivets off of frame to remove leaf spring hangers

Use air hammer to remove rivets after knocking the heads off of them

Put on new desired wheel size and measure front to see how much travel and clearance is needed to lay the frame on the ground

Use the torch and cut leaf spring pads and shock hangers off of rear end and prep to take to Arizona Differential to be shortened 7″

Interior gutted before starting any work, including dash and firewall pad. Don’t want a fire when cutting firewall for new 24″ wheels