Duramax Dually dealership doodie

Air Bagged dually heads to the dealership

I received a letter from GM the other day mentioning a re program recall on my ecm in the dually and since I had a couple of codes coming up and I figured I would take it in for them to look at. The best is when I pull up in the service drive, stop my truck and get out, all I can see are a couple used up wanna be lambo salesman enjoying there Dunkin Donuts in there lil glass cubes. Not one of these monkeys came out to write up a ticket or HELP a customer..LOL. You would think that you spend $45K on a new truck that someone would be happy to help you. I mean, I take my new Deville to the Cadillac dealership and my dude is in the lane waitin for me to get out and take my money..I guess that is what I get for buyin a dually and not an EXT.LOL..Never..So back to GM dealer…Of course it is only 45 minutes he tells me, a lil upload and we are done..OK…Waiting room man, waiting room man..45 minutes goes by and Dewey finally drives the truck into the depths of GM tech HELL..He appears in front of me 20 minutes after that to tell me how they might smoke my TV’s if the do the upload and no tech wants to do it..Laughter>??,,LOL…Basically we had an auto start relay for the alarm (from Directed electronics) that hooked to the body module. Nothing to do with the TV’s buddy..Smoke a $3 part. Darn. Dewey then proceeds to hand write a damage waiver that keeps me from pounding their heads in the ground if they smoke the truck..OK.. Looong story shortened..4.5 hrs later I get to leave and start my day. Basically they just uploaded updates that now tell me that my truck is in limp mode from the codes they didn’t bother to fix..LOL

Arizona Republic coverage of the Dun Deal Dually and the Bruise Krew at Dub Show Phoenix 2008

Airbagged Dually at the Dub Show Phoenix in the Arizona Republic

“Meagan Machine” (left), “Adam Big Time” and “Crazy Jacqi” sit in the back of Adam’s 2007 Chevy Crew Cab Duramax truck he bought and customized. Thousands of people packed into the Phoenix Convention Center Saturday evening for the 2008 DUB Custom Auto Show and Concert.

Jack Kurtz/The Arizona Republic